The Fine Print on Concussions

fne print in soccer concussions

Kids are running out the door and, at the very last second, one shouts out that need need a form signed.

Chances are your blurry eyes don’t need to read the fine print on class pictures, a field trip, books are covered, etc.

The forms and informational material you DO need to read regard your child’s health – especially concussion-related material.

Sure you sign the concussion waiver but that’s really not enough. Even though it appears concussion awareness is just about everywhere new studies suggest that parents, coaches and athletes are still not education enough when it comes to dealing with and preventing soccer concussions.

We’ve signed the forms, watched a mandatory video, gone to a website for a bit more as that was required too – but more than half of folks say they have just no concussion education at all.

Are they simply ignoring what they’re reading and seeing or are they not getting it whatsoever?

[Education about concussions is more common for parents of children who play sports.]

The medium in which we receive such information matters – those who simply signed a waiver were not as educated or aware of the danger of concussions as those who watched a video on the subject. So, don’t just look for the bottom line to sign but rather spend a little time watching a video as it will last with you longer and you’ll learn so much more.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that almost 175,000 kids are treated annually in emergency rooms for concussions related to sports or recreational activities, including bicycling, football, playground activities, basketball and soccer.

Kids, coaches and parents need to be educated about how to look for the symptoms of a concussion, when to seek out a doctor for help, how to monitor your child and nurse him back to health.

The brain needs to heal after a concussion and parents need to arm themselves with the best information available.

So, sit down in front of your laptop, watch videos, read an online brochure or two and READ THE FINE PRINT  before you sign any form! Your kid’s worth the time…