Soccer Concussions – From Mild to Severe

woman with headache

A concussion is a mild head injury that occurs when a blow occurs to the head or body, as well as when a person falls, and the brain is shaken inside of the skull. A youth may have some bruises or cuts on their head or face, but often there are no apparent signs of a concussion on the outside of the body.

Some children may lose consciousness completely when they have a concussion from playing soccer, while others may not pass out but will forget what occurred right before the injury occurred.

Concussions are by nature a mild head injury, but they can sometimes lead to serious problems for youths in very rare cases. A very severe concussion can require surgery or lead to certain problems such as problems with movement or speaking. The same can be said if your child suffers from multiple concussions, which is why brain injury prevention is so important.

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It is vital that you pay close attention while your child is playing soccer, regardless of their age. Older children and teenagers can even be more prone to concussions because of the advanced level of play that they are at. They may also be the most likely to pretend as if they are feeling much better than they are. Ask a lot of questions about how they are feeling and do your very best to evaluate whether or not they need medical attention.