5 Tips on How to Head a Soccer Ball

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Soccer games for kids continues to grow as it’s just a great sport. Concussions, too, are growing just as fast – not so great! The all important aspect of properly heading the soccer ball has become critical in ensuring the well being of young athletes. Improperly heading the soccer ball can cause serious head injuries.  [See Concussions Caused by Soccer.] In order to reduce concussion risk (or any other injury) below are some tips on how to properly head the ball: Keep Eye […] Read more »

Free Your Kid From Soccer Concussions?

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I get miffed when I take my kids to the doctor and they routinely ask them  if there are guns in the house, do you feel safe, do you wear a bike helmet, are your being threatened, do you run with scissors, etc. Hey! I just came in because my son has an earache! So why don’t they ask if he plays soccer? That’s pretty dangerous and I’m probably held liable for that, too. My kids have had concussions, meniscus […] Read more »

The Fine Print on Concussions

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Kids are running out the door and, at the very last second, one shouts out that need need a form signed. Chances are your blurry eyes don’t need to read the fine print on class pictures, a field trip, books are covered, etc. The forms and informational material you DO need to read regard your child’s health – especially concussion-related material. Sure you sign the concussion waiver but that’s really not enough. Even though it appears concussion awareness is just […] Read more »

Dangers of Heading Soccer Ball

Don’t be so concerned with banging your head with another soccer player that you forget that heading the ball can be as equally dangerous. As players get older and play on more competitive soccer teams they are very often encouraged to head the ball; of course, other than the goalie, you cannot use your hands; so your feet and head are certainly “logical” alternatives. A recent study by Imperial College London examined the impact of heading a ball and its […] Read more »

Soccer Headgear a Dud?


Here’s a quickie for you. There was report published last month that more than suggested there’s no evidence that soccer headgear reduces the risk of concussions. SEE MORE: Soccer Concussions Perhaps that’s the reason it says inside the helmet that playing soccer may result in a concussion which “no helmet can prevent.” While designed to reduce skull fractures and eye injuries they don’t necessarily reduce of minimize the forces on the head that lead to a concussion – so don’t […] Read more »

How Does a Concussion Happen?

A concussion is bother very basic and highly complicated. A concussion is caused when your brain hits the wall of your skull as the result of a blow to the head. This sudden movement can cause brain cells to stretch and/or tear. Once this happens the brain goes into a “hypermetabolic state’; this means that your metabolic activity speeds up then slows down causing decreased blood flow in the brain leading to decreased glucose – the cause of the tiredness […] Read more »

Fall Soccer Concussions

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Fall’s a great time of the year – even though winter is right around the corner! Soccer tryouts are over, kids are back in school and it’s nice to have some cool weather for the games. Already, though, there have been just so many injuries:  ankle sprains, MCL’s and a couple of concussions. There is an ever-increasing awareness of concussions in the fall as teams gear up, kids back into high school, baseline testing for concussion, etc. Seems, though, it […] Read more »

Soccer Concussions on the Rise

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Organized sports offer a long list of benefits for our kids. They build not only bodies, but character as well. Kids learn to strive, work toward shared success, and push through adversity. But these opportunities don’t come without risk. When we think of dangerous sports, we generally think of football, hockey, or lacrosse, not soccer. But the fact is, soccer is a contact sport, and as such, soccer players suffer contact injuries. Concussions in sports have been getting a lot […] Read more »

Soccer Concussions – From Mild to Severe

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A concussion is a mild head injury that occurs when a blow occurs to the head or body, as well as when a person falls, and the brain is shaken inside of the skull. A youth may have some bruises or cuts on their head or face, but often there are no apparent signs of a concussion on the outside of the body. Some children may lose consciousness completely when they have a concussion from playing soccer, while others may […] Read more »

Tween Girl Soccer Players Suffer More Concussions

If your little darling girl plays youth soccer you may want a heads up on this. A recent study (yes, another one) found that girls from ages 11 – 14 are more likely to suffer from concussions than high school and / or college girl soccer players. And, many will continue to play even though they have concussion symptoms. Studies have confirmed that high school soccer players suffer around 50,000 concussions each year – and girl soccer is the leading […] Read more »