About Me, Peter Granders

My name is Peter Granders.

I have/had three kids in club soccer and town soccer programs for many years and have been to hundreds of games and I guess three times as many practices!

Two of my daughters experienced a concussions and we were searching for immediate answers as we were swamped by “expert opinions” from all of our soccer friends and coaches. We did not know who to trust and what course of action should be taken.

Information is coming out daily on breakthroughs in concussion discoveries – you need to separate fact from fiction to make sure you nurse back to health your soccer player AND to help prevent them in the first place!

Of course my daughters saw a doctor immediately as all should if they have a hint of symptoms but then we were looking for more longer-term answers.

I wrote this e-book with a medical professional and consulted with coaches and concussion patients.

Don’t take chances – do all you can to learn about concussions caused by soccer.

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