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5 Facts About Soccer Concussions

  • Concussions are the most dangerous youth injury in soccer – even more so with girls!
  • Most concussions can be prevented.
  • There are 4 distinct categories of signs to recognize a concussion.
  • Many long-term effects of soccer concussions are easily treatable if recognized.
  • Headgear and other devices designed to cushion the hit may not be as effective as you may think.

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“What I like best about this book is that I got immediate answers to my questions about soccer concussions. It’s super easy to read and seems it was written for someone JUST like me – a soccer dad! My daughter had/has symptoms and this book explained to us what to be on the look out for. Thanks so much!””

~ Jeff Niles, Portsmouth, NH

Dear soccer parent,

My name is Peter Granders, parent of three club level soccer players.

Two of them have had multiple soccer related concussions (and other injuries!). Having experienced concussions firsthand I know the exhilarating fear it can cause you as a parent, worrying about the damage such a serious brain injury could cause your child.

How many times have you just cringed when your child collides with another player as they race intensely down the field chasing the ball. Far across the field (always the way!) they both fall and your heart beats a mile a minute as they both get up slowly.

The referee blows her whistle and a coach may come out to see how she is… just the worst feeling! Isn’t it?

Concussions can have very serious side effects. Do you know them all?

They can affect learning, long-term memory, coordination, cause nausea, vomiting, sleep problems, and even loss of consciousness!

Here’s the Joint Statement Regarding Concussion Lawsuit Resolution from the US Soccer Federation. “Eliminate heading for children 10 and under and limit heading in practice for children between the ages of 11 and 13.” Soccer concussions are finally getting the attention they deserve – don’t take them lightly!

One of my high school daughters was recently playing indoor soccer and went slamming into a fire exit door, bam! With just seconds in the game she had no idea how close she was to the boundary as she was so focused on keeping the ball in and then trying to cross in front of the net.

woman with headache

The headaches just seemed to last forever!

Just like that… she was having a dull headache that moved from the front of her head to the back, exposure to lights made her sick to her stomach and she out of school for two weeks. Yikes!

After spending countless days and hours in and out of the hospital, at doctor’s offices, and other specialists, I began to uncover the truth about this type of head injury and how it can not only be treated, but avoided altogether.

I was shocked when I discovered that soccer is one of the leading causes of concussions in children today. What’s even worse is that many of those concussions are going undiagnosed!

Concussion treatment varies from using pain relievers for headaches to plain and simple rest. Rest consists of both physical and mental rest.

If a player jumps back in too soon before fully recovering then the next concussion with be more severe and take longer from which to recover.

You cannot take any chances and cut corners on identifying the symptoms of a concussion or the concussion treatment. I also learned girl soccer players experience more than TWICE as many concussions than boys – and why!

The horror that became my reality was when I realized many of the concussions my daughters incurred could have been prevented had I only had the RIGHT information when I needed it the most!

This is the most complete guide ever written on the subject of soccer related concussions.

I’ve partnered up with a renowned medical expert (and consulted with athletic trainers, coaches and parents) to put together this extensive book on how to treat, diagnose, and prevent soccer related concussions.

I don’t want you to have to go through the fear, worry, and pain, or have your child experience the long-term side effects of something so preventable and treatable.

Soccer concussions can be prevented - learn how.

Soccer concussions can be prevented – learn how.

In “Concussions Caused by Soccer” you’ll learn…

  • The most common symptoms of a concussion and how to recognize them immediately
  • The leading causes of concussions today, and how to avoid them
  • A full explanation of concussions that anyone can understand
  • Proven methods for preventing over-use injuries
  • The best concussion recovery methods and ones you should avoid
  • Post Concussion syndrome- what is it? How to best perform it and why it’s so important
  • Risk factors and how to minimize them
  • Plus much, much more!

“What’s real and what’s not is ALL in here – all easy to read!”

“A great guide of all you need to know about concussions from playing soccer – guess in sports in general. Highlights the facts from the fiction – I’d recommend as great resource.”

~ J. Sykes, Cumberland, MD


concussion in head from soccer

Concussions can vary from mild to severe.

Learn exactly what to do, what NOT to do, and avoid the most common concussion mistakes.

In writing “Concussions Caused by Soccer”, I wanted to put something together anyone could understand.

You don’t need a medical degree to understand this as it’s written in common language with easy to understand explanations.

I also wanted to make sure that you would have all the information you need to protect your child as well as deal with concussions in the most effective manner possible.   ecover_med_new

This book has been updated in March 2016 with all the VERY latest soccer concussion news!

There has been a whirlwind of new studies released and with each one there is ground breaking conclusions!

  • Does age matter?
  • Or “that time of month” for girls?
  • Why do girls appear to get more concussions in soccer than boys?
  • Can simply heading the soccer ball lightly lead to serious brain injury?
  • What are the very latest treatments for concussions?

Get all the facts NOW! Learn how to treat and prevent concussions by learning the facts and disregarding all the speculations!

Don’t make the most vital mistakes by misdiagnosing, or not recognizing your child’s concussion. Order NOW…

What’s it worth to prevent your child from getting a soccer concussion?

When I decided to write this book, I wanted to make it affordable so that every concerned soccer parent could get the information they needed. Because you can access this book immediately I am able to save a lot of money shipping and I can pass those savings to you. I wanted to make it very easy for you to get this book ASAP at a very low cost.

The price for Concussions Caused By Soccer is just $4.99!!  Don’t wait until it’s too late!

“It makes sense NOW why a girl’s concussion is different than a boy’s!”

testimonial photo cheryl“A great resource, all in one place. I was so nervous after my daughter’s FIRST concussion, let alone her wonderful second one. No idea what to do other than monitor her symptoms as she was SO LOOKING forward to getting back into soccer. This book helped me tremendously and I would recommend to all those looking for the RIGHT answers for concussions!”

~ Cheryl Baines, Des Moines, IA

boy heading ball

Does your child know how to head a soccer ball the proper way?


And I want to give you some really awesome gifts today… I am so confident that I’m giving you the best soccer concussion information for quickly answering your questions and helping you treat, and more importantly, prevent a soccer concussion.

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We all watch the game from a different perspective… and we need to give the referee the benefit of doubt – easier said than done!

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This book will help you to organize your training so that you get the most out of your hard work and so that you cover all of the necessary areas needed to improve your overall fitness.

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Honestly, out of all these FREE bonuses this has got to be a must have!

With your purchase of Concussions Caused by Soccer you’ll receive immediate access to these THREE bonuses (yours to keep no matter what!!) and you’ll get instant notification and access to any new manuals, guides, videos or other bonuses that are added to this package in the future.

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testimonial photo scott“Finally a one-stop reference manual for my kid’s concussion. And what to tell him and how serious this really is. These kids have just no idea how serious these concussions are. Thanks for creating this book and letting others know. Thanks Peter!”

~ Scott D., NJ


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ecover_sm_new “Concussions Caused by Soccer” offers you all of the information that you need to know in order to determine whether your child might possibly have a concussion as a result of playing soccer, what you should do for your child, as well as common treatments and recovery periods.It also comes with an Unconditional 60 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee – because I’m sure that you will not regret your decision.To get started, simply click here to order.
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